E-Sword - Free downloadable Bible study software that rivals (if not surpasses) programs that cost "an arm and a leg."

The Word - Another free Bible study program that takes a little more time to learn, but is my new favorite!  Also see

http://doctordavet.com - The best site for finding great resources for E-Sword and The Word programs.  Dr. Dave is a Baptist and you can trust his recommendations.  It will amaze you how many trusted old books have been digitized for these great programs.  You can get a library worth thousands for free!

Free Dramatized Audio New Testament in MP3 format. Old Testament also available.

Abiding Radio - Online radio station broadcasting only conservative Christian music.

The Lighthouse - (I recently corrected this link)

Fundamental Broadcasting Network - Another great radio station.

Way Of Life Literature - Fundamentalist site with many helpful resources including a registry of Independent Baptist Churches.

What Is Truth - Personal blog of Pastor Kent Brandenburg - a great resource for insightful Bible studies.

Fairhaven Baptist College - My alma mater and one of the best Bible colleges in the world today.

Evangelist Ted Alexander - Another dear friend and champion of the Baptist faith.

Baptist Heritage Revival Society - One aspect of Brother Alexanders ministry that includes annual Baptist Heritage Revival Tours.

Clean Internet - The best internet content filter available.  Don't have internet in your home without it!